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Frequently Asked Questions 2020-01-09T08:25:33+02:00
What is your effervescent production capacity? 2018-11-22T13:39:42+02:00

We currently are able to run 35 000 tablets per hour.

Working on a standard tubes holding either 10 or 15 tablets, we are able to fill over 800 000 tubes per month.

While we generally run on a 10 month production basis, we have the ability to produce 9,6 Mil tube annually.

What is your soap production capacity? 2018-11-29T14:07:52+02:00

We currently are able to run 2700 bars per hour.

Working on a standard bar, we are able to produce over 480 000 bars per month.

While we generally run on a 10 month production basis, we have the ability to produce over 5.7 Mil bars annually.

Other common sizes would be 75g, 90g, 100g and 175g.

What is your ointment production capacity? 2018-11-29T14:08:48+02:00

We currently are able to fill 25 000 tins (7g per tin) per hour.

We are able to fill over 200 000 tins per day.

While we generally run on a 10 month production basis, we have the ability to produce over 21 Mil tins annually.

Other common sizes would be 16g, 50g, 60g and 125g.

Are you able to formulate our product? 2018-11-14T12:20:06+02:00

Yes, we formulate products with our clients. We are able to assist in creating a list of active ingredients required for your products function, providing both safe and effective active levels needed for the product to perform as intended.

Should you have an existing product, we are able to follow a supplied formulation precisely in order to recreate your product.

Our Research & Development department assists when a new product is required to perform a new function using ingredients not commonly used in our processes. It is our constant aim to be able to deliver a functional product for all customer requirements.

Common product formulations include:

  • Immune Boosters
  • Multivitimins
  • Over Indulgence
  • Endurance
  • Energy boosters
  • Cold & Flu
  • Hydration
Are you able to provide a specific effervescent flavours? 2018-11-22T11:47:04+02:00

We work with a number of local and international well known flavour houses and will work with any specific flavour house you prefer to ensure we meet your exact flavour requirements.

Are you able to produce specific colours? 2018-11-22T13:22:11+02:00

We are able to produce most colours. One needs to remember that the same colour rules apply with our product colours as they do with paints. Certain ingredients have a natural colour that inhabits the creation of certain colours should they be included.

Are you able to produce Halaal products? 2018-11-13T21:54:35+02:00

Yes we are able to produce Halaal certified products.

The Halaal certification for products is, however, a process that takes place directly between client and the Halaal Certification Board of choice, such as SANHA.

In order to complete their process, clients will be required to complete the application form. Aviz will provide all required certificates of analysis for the raw materials of the product being produced as proof of their individual Halal certification.

SANHA currently does a quarterly inspection of our facilities to ensure that our processes are within acceptable standards. In particular they continually monitor the granulation process within the manufacturing of our effervescent products. While this process uses ethanol as an aid in granulation, once vacuum dried, SANHA certify that no trace of ethanol can be detected in the final product.

What are your standard effervescent tube sizes? 2018-11-13T21:54:46+02:00

We work with 2 tube sizes:

  • Short Tube – 48g per tube
    • 10x Tablets @ 4.8g each
    • 12x Tablets @ 4g each
  • Long Tube – 72g per tube
    • 15x Tablets @ 4.8g each
    • 20x Tablets @ 4g each


What types of packaging labels do you offer? 2018-11-13T21:55:16+02:00

Aviz commonly offers either In-mold-labels or self-adhesive labels.

In-Mold-Label (IML) – An IML is a label which gets adhered to the container when the container is injection molded.  This creates a seamless and edge-less finish for a professional look and feel. All IML’s are printed at our supplier in Belgium. IML’s are available for orders above 10000 SKU’s per year. In most cases IML’s are more cost effective, although this is both artwork and quantity dependent. This is especially true for foil-type labels.

Self-Adhesive Label – A high quality sticker type label. The only difference to an IML being tactile edges.

Should you have any specific packaging or label requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you able to supply cartons? 2018-11-13T21:57:39+02:00

Yes. We have a large variety of standard cartons and display units available.

Should you not find what you are looking for. We are more then happy to assist with the creation of your required variation. Please be aware that this option does include the additional production cost of the die-trace.

Can you help create packaging artwork? 2018-11-13T21:55:41+02:00

Although Aviz does not have an in-house graphic designer, we can certainly put you in touch with our design agency partner. They will be able to assist you with both your artwork creation and pre-production requirements, in accordance with our processes and print suppliers.

We do however assist directly in the creation and checking of the label claim. Our in-house pharmacist will check to ensure all ingredients have been added at their correct quantities.

What is a label claim? 2018-11-21T11:25:31+02:00

A label claim is the list of the actives within a product usually found in a table format on the back of the product. It is a legal requirement in most countries.

For example:

What are the options for artwork sign-off? 2018-11-13T21:56:02+02:00

Once the artwork pre-press is complete, Aviz will send a copy through to the print supplier. An electronic copy of the artwork is played off from the RIP (raster image processor) software and sent back in .PDF format.

Should a hard-copy print proofs be required, this will then be couriered to the client. Clients need to remember and factor in additional time required for couriering.

An online sign-off (sign-off on the print line) can also be arranged if necessary.

Should there be any concern regarding colour with in-mould-labels, a GMG Color Proof can be requested

What are Stability Studies? 2018-11-13T21:56:10+02:00

Stability studies are done to ensure that active ingredients within a product remain effective over the products quoted lifespan when exposed to certain conditions. These studies are focused around the temperature and humidity conditions that a product would be exposed to.

Two types of studies are conducted before a product is shipped to store

  • Accelerated (average 3 months)
  • Long-term (full term – usually 2 years)

Aviz Labs, together with specialized partners, is able to assist clients needing stability and testing studies conducted. The results of such testing not only provides customers with the confidence that a quoted lifespan can be realistically achieved, but is also a requirement should products need to be registered with the relative authorities in any given country.

Aviz also has the stability data available for all raw materials used in the production of their products.

What colour specification do you use for custom cap colours? 2018-11-13T21:59:37+02:00

We prefer to work from a Pantone colour specification.

However should you not have a Pantone colour, please send through an RGB or CMYK breakdown and we will do our best to match it accordingly

Still not satisfied? – Send us your question below And we’ll get back to you 

Still not satisfied? – Send us your question below And we’ll get back to you